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November 27, 2007


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If you like foods that are hot, a nice riff on the made-from-scratch cranberry sauce is to throw a couple of sliced fresh jalapeños in there. I like it as a hot chutney on turkey, but when served on cream cheese it makes a fun cracker dip.

Warning: you have to tell your guests how hot it is, it's not really fair just to stick it on the table. I love it, but the first time my Mom tried it she said, "That's a terrible thing you've done to those cranberries."


Miss your posts! Keep 'em coming. : )

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mmh..a toasted slice of bread, with some butter and cranberry orange jelly..and a glass of milk..remainds me of childhood times, when my mom used to wake me up with such things for breakfast. since i've grew up, i obviously now eat mostly junkfood. :) the good times are gone..

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Yummy! Looks absolutely sweet and delicious!


Yummy! I love jelly. I like all jelly made from apple, strawberry, pineapple, mango and orange. I prefer jelly with bread butter in break fast.

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