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April 27, 2007



I made the rosemary lemonade this past weekend for the Steeplechase horse races and it was a hit. A very cool and refreshing drink for a hot day. Unfortunately they were so tasy and refreshing that I had quite the headache the next day.

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I love all the mocktails and cocktails thanks for sharing this Rosemary Lemonade.thanks for sharing
whole procedure to make it at home.


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Thanks for this post. The timing could not have been more perfect.

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How refreshing the drink is.

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I just want to have it right now... Great recipe..

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I like to drink cocktail every Saturday night. I definitely try out for your cocktail in this spring. Thanks for sharing such a nice post.

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I like lemonade. Thanks for sharing this lemonade cocktail recipe. I like to drink on weekend.

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Juicy rosemary lemonade. I love to drink lemonade. It's really helpful to me. Thanks for sharing this.

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